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This article provides information on our Complete Web Solutions Wordpress product.

This product is a complete custom-designed Wordpress site built according to your specifications. There are no design / set-up charges for this product, but it is subject to terms of service.

What this product includes

  • A complete, functional Wordpress site set up & designed to your specifications
  • High speed, managed eco-hosting with 1GB RAM and dedicated CPU
  • 2GB SSD storage
  • Free support
  • SSL (https) certificate
  • Up to five email addresses
  • Design / adaptation of logo if required
  • Set up of homepage to your requirements
  • Consultation process

Once you've completed your order, you must create a support ticket to begin discussion of your site requirements. We will need the following information (at a minimum) to begin work on your site:

  1. The name of your blog / brand
  2. The email address you want to log in with
  3. A site logo (if required) or a description of the logo you'd like
  4. A cover image for your homepage (if required)
  5. Details of how you would like your site to look (send an example of a site you like)*
  6. A list of all the main headings and links that your site needs

While we will make every effort to create the site you want, some design functions may be beyond the scope of this product. WILDHOST reserves the right to refuse design criteria. In this case, you may have the option of requesting design services or creating an admin account and inviting a designer to help you.

Terms of service

There are no design / set-up charges for this product, but it is subject to the following terms of use, most of which shouldn't affect normal use of the site. These limitations are:

  1. This product is subject to a minimum 12-month contract. Cancellation prior to the initial 12 month period will incur charges for the remainder of the period
  2. The site remains the intellectual property of WILDHOST during the initial 12-month contract period
  3. We disable admin access to your Wordpress site by default, but you can still add articles, edit and make most regular changes to the site as normal. You can, if you wish, request an admin account at any time. However, WILDHOST support doesn't extend to cover site problems which may be caused by admin errors. These site errors may incur charges to fix.
  4. Site design does not extend to providing extensive plugin functionality like Woocommerce, Buddypress or any other major WP add-ons. This product is mostly for blogs and/or product informational sites.

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